About Us

Body Shop Fitness and Pilates Studio

Body Shop is a private fitness and pilates studio that boasts personal, one-on-one attention that is second-to-none. Whatever your goal may be, Body Shop will make sure those aspirations are fulfilled with constant dedication from the staff. Living by the mantra of Pilates, Cardio, Flexibility and Strength; a beautiful, spacious studio provides the backdrop to help you get back into shape and live happier and healthier.

Our Team

Evie Mathieson, BASI Certified Instructor

I am very excited to join the Body Shop Fitness and Pilates Studio, which is nestled in the lovely town of Sierra Madre!

I have been teaching in the San Gabriel Valley for 5 years in various locations, such as Arcadia Fitness, Sierra Madre Fitness (where I subbed), while I taught private sessions at One2One PT studio in old town Monrovia for 2 years. I have also been teaching regular classes at the Center for Wellbeing in Sierra Madre for the last 4 ½ years. I also offer private, duet and trio sessions.

I have been involved in continuing education to enhance my knowledge and ability to provide the best approach and Pilates program for each of my clients. My goal as a teacher is to successfully address all the needs and aspirations within a client’s capabilities or limitations and from there correct and improve their alignment, balance their strength and flexibility, resulting in increased mobility, confidence and being more functional in their daily activities.

Those with injuries or existing conditions will find how the regular practice of Pilates will not only bring mind/body balance as described above, but they will experience more ease in movement, greater mobility and decreased pain or discomfort. The key is movement ~ movement heals the body. If you are interested in scheduling a session or series of sessions or would like more information about upcoming class sessions, please contact me at: precision.pilates@live.com


The class increased my flexibility and core strength. It also helped to relieve my chronic lower back pain. For me personally, the core stretching and elongation exercises left my body feeling longer and adjusted. This Pilates class does not require students to perform strenuous movements, and it is not high impact. Both beginners and advanced students will enjoy the class. Positions are adjusted depending on student flexibility and experience. If you sign up for this class and attend regularly, you will definitely enjoy the benefits.

I’ve been taking Evie’s Pilates class, and I have never felt better. I have taken other Pilates classes, but Evie’s teaching skills are by far superior. She offers a tough workout that helps strengthen parts of my body that I didn’t even know needed strengthening, but also does it in a very supportive, calm environment. I walk out of the class feeling invigorated and have much more energy than when I walked into the class. Evie is able to work with your body’s aches and pains and adjust the workout to meet your body’s needs even in a class environment.

I love Pilates! Never have I had a workout that is so relaxing and intense at the same time. After having my baby I definitely needed to tone things up and Pilates is doing just that. Evie is an amazing teacher too! Before my first class I was a little worried about whether or not I would be able to keep up but Evie made me feel absolutely confident. She makes sure to know about any restrictions your body may have and modifies accordingly. Evie's Pilates class has become something my mind and body look forward to.
Judy :)